Jonathan Cope

Director, MCMS Limited

Adjudicator | Arbitrator | Mediator | Expert

Jonathan has over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry in both contracting and professional services. He is a fellow of the RICS, the CIArb and the CIOB, and has also been called to the Bar. Jonathan regularly acts as adjudicator, and is on the CEDR, CIArb, CIC, RIBA, RICS and TeCSA UK panels of adjudicators, as well as the Irish Government’s panel of adjudicators. He has also been appointed to act as expert determiner and arbitrator, and is on the RICS panel of arbitrators. Jonathan is also available to act as a dispute board member and is on the Transport for London conflict avoidance panel and the RICS dispute board register. Jonathan has undertaken expert witness work in adjudication, arbitration and litigation proceedings, including the provision of oral evidence both in court and arbitration.

As well as being a director of MCMS Limited, Jonathan is Vice Chairman of the Society of Construction Law and is a member of the Society of Construction Arbitrators, ARBRIX and the Adjudication Society. Jonathan was chairman of the RICS Dispute Resolution Professional Group from June 2011 to June 2013.

Jonathan regularly gives lectures and presentations on construction law and dispute resolution topics in the UK and internationally for organisations such as the Adjudication Society, ARBRIX, CIArb, IBC, International Cost Engineering Council, RICS and the Society of Construction Law. He has also written extensively on dispute resolution, and has had articles published in RICS Journals and Building Magazine. He is also a regular contributor to the Practical Law website (