Professor Rudi Fortson QC

Barrister, 25 Bedford Row

Rudi Fortson QC is noted for his work in relation to serious crime, including fraud, confiscation, asset-recovery, money-laundering, drug trafficking and drug law. He has been described in the Chambers and Partners Directory as “exceptional” (2007), “a staff and a rock to his client” (2008). He has chambers at 25 Bedford Row, London.

Rudi Fortson QC served on the ‘Runciman’ Independent Inquiry into the Misuse of Drugs Act, and he was a member of the Criminal Justice Forum for the Institute for Public Policy Research. He has attended ‘experts meetings’ at the European Commission in Brussels. His work on behalf of the Bar Council of England and Wales in relation to Justice and Home Affairs Issues at EU Level forms part of written evidence that is appended to the Third Report (Session 2006–07) of the House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee.

Rudi Fortson QC has written and lectured extensively on a wide range of issues relating to the criminal law (as it applies in the UK and in the EU). He recently gave evidence to the inquiry carried out by the all-party parliamentary group into new psycho-active substances.