Jonathan Swift QC

Barrister, 11KBW

Jonathan has in-depth experience across the whole range of public law areas. This includes: human rights and civil liberties; constitutional law (including devolution issues); data protection and freedom of information; regulatory law (in particular energy regulation and financial regulation); EU Law; education; and strategic planning and environmental issues.

From 2006 to 2014 he was First Treasury Counsel, leading for the Government on major cases across the whole field of government activity and public administration.

Jonathan regularly appears in the Court of Appeal and in the Supreme Court (over 30 cases during the last 2 years). He appeared for the Government in the first appeal heard by the Supreme Court: Ahmed v HM Treasury ([2010] 2 AC 534, and 697), concerning the implementation of international sanctions against suspected terrorists and most recently in R(Rotherham MBC) v Secretary of State for Business ([2015] UKSC 6), where he successfully defended a government department from a challenge by several local authorities to a decision on the distribution of EU funds.

Jonathan has appeared in a number of very high profile civil liberties/human rights disputes, Gallestegui v Westminster City Council (freedom to protest in Parliament Square); Nicklinson v DPP (the right to die); N v Secretary of State for Health (Human Rights Act challenge to the smoking ban); Hurley and Moore v Secretary of State for Business (introduction of university tuition fees, and compatibility with the right to education); and Ghai v Home Secretary (compatibility of legislation preventing cremation by open air funeral pyre with the Human Rights Act).