Parosha Chandran

Barrister, 1 Pump Court

Parosha Chandran is the UK’s leading anti-slavery lawyer and she has been practicing at the Bar of England and Wales for 18 years. She is an award-winning human rights barrister and a leader at the Bar in the fields of human rights, human trafficking, forced labour and labour exploitation, immigration, trafficking-related criminal appeals and public law.

Parosha has acted in successful cases in a wide variety of human rights-related areas throughout her practice, from trafficking-related civil cases and criminal appeals, to civil actions against the police and prison law to employment-related race discrimination and medical cases. She also practices in immigration and asylum law (including adult & children’s cases, HIV appeals, deportation and EU law). She has appeared in the High Court of England and Wales, the Court of Appeal (both Civil and Criminal divisions), the Privy Council, the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and Chamber, the Employment Tribunal and she has drafted several successful applications to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

Parosha has extensive experience in representing the rights of trafficked men, women and children in the UK who have experienced trafficking, sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude and enforced criminal activity.

On Monday 27 July 2015 at a ceremony at the State Department in Washington DC, Parosha Chandran was presented with the Trafficking in Persons Report Hero Award  2015 by John Kerry, US Secretary of State.

In naming Parosha Chandran as “one of the world’s leading practitioners” in the field of human trafficking and modern slavery, she was described by Mr Kerry as being an:

“…extraordinarily dedicated human rights barrister…[who has shaped] the development of national and international law and policy on human trafficking in the United Kingdom and abroad.  With a rare multi-disciplinary perspective, she has set critical legal precedents to protect the rights of trafficking victims.”

In particular Parosha was honoured with the Trafficking in Persons Hero award by the US Department of State.