Why attend?

As the economy continues to grow in strength, reward professionals now more than ever are required to ensure their reward systems are fit for recovery and they remain attractive as employers. The recession obliged many organisations to adopt inward-facing HR and reward strategies. However, as the recovery becomes established, increasingly employers are required to turn their attention outwards, keeping a keener than ever eye on market pay to recruit and retain the talent essential to their organisation’s performance.

  • Gain in-depth coverage on the current market pay trends and reward issues
  • Learn from the experts about the most effective pay planning strategies for 2015
  • Prepare for economic developments that will impact on your pay planning approach
  • Review ways in which performance is measured, the extent of paybill control/flexibility and broader labour market issues
  • Anticipate the future of the minimum wage
  • Receive practical guidance on attracting and retaining skilled employees
  • Discuss the future of reward
  • Network with reward managers and HR professionals

Key topics:

The 2014 conference will feature a variety of current pay issues, strategies and trends, including:

  • Pay trends and pay determination 2014/15
  • Economic outlook for 2015
  • Pay settlement trends in 2014: pay prospects for 2013
  • Panel discussion: Progression in recovery
  • Panel discussion: The return of market-based pay
  • The Future of the Minimum Wage
  • Thinkpiece: Where next for reward?

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